Lucia T. Miller, Sculptor
“Although these are small works, I like to think they look monumental.”
Lucia T. Miller, artist
Study in Black & WhitePainted LadySpectatorThe SeekerWaiting ImpatientlyGirl in Skirt

My work derives from the human figure. I translate the body into shapes, which not only suggest something of the original model, but are also masses of light and dark, suggesting the serenity of rocks.

I enjoy patterns which change as the viewer moves around the piece, and which change as the light changes. Light and shadow are important to my work. Settings, which include plants or stones, create relationships with the sculpture. Humor often plays a part in my pieces. Although these are small works, I like to think they look monumental.

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The work shows Miller’s ability to simplify her shapes into the essential elements of her design, and to keep that focus on the expressive gesture, paring away all unnecessary detail for the ultimate effect. Though the pieces are small in size and therefore intimate, the effect is a grand presence that is larger than life. It is this paradox that ultimately makes Miller’s work so arresting and appealing.

–Elena Jahn
Culebra, Puerto Rico

What I like most about Lucia’s work is the freshness and boldness. When I look at her sculptures of women, particularly, an exuberance and vitality just bursts through, much the way I experience Lucia in person.

–Kate Chappell Kennebunk, Maine